Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why Are REIAs, Real Estate Investor Associations, So Important to Your Success as an Investor? written by: Ezra Melvin

Unlike other forms of investing, such as in stocks, bonds, or foreign currencies, real estate investing is a very people-centered business. Real estate investor associations like the Michigan REIA real estate club provide a valuable forum for real estate investors to discuss the latest trends in the local and national real estate investment markets, network with new investors and key contacts in various organizations, and learn the ins and outs of a somewhat esoteric industry. They provide a place where both new and experienced real estate investors can come together to mutually learn and profit.

Senior real estate investors oftentimes will take newer ones under their wing and teach them the subtleties and complexities of the business. New investors gain knowledge, experience, and some money by seeking out and presenting new investment opportunities to the veterans: truly, there is no better way to learn a profession. These apprenticeships are just one of the many benefits provided by a real estate investor association like the Michigan real estate club.

Other professionals in the industry also come to these meetings. Real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, attorneys, CPA's, accountants, property managers, general contractors, title firms, and wholesalers all come together as like-minded people in order to move mountains in the Michigan real estate market. With all the different professionals, discussions, and seminars, these meetings have a lot of energy, and you are sure to benefit your real estate investment career by attending them.

Occasionally, the real estate club will invite local and national speakers to give informative talks on successful and innovative real estate investing techniques. These invited speakers may also have other resources to pass on, such as real estate investing courses, real estate investment "boot camps," home study courses, and more. There are also innumerable networking opportunities that come along with these speaking events. Where else would you have the opportunity to meet and greet experts from around the country?

It is never too late to learn something new, and even if you are an old dog, you are sure to learn some new tricks. The Michigan real estate club will provide you with the social capital and leverage you need to be successful in this market. You will be surrounded by like-minded professionals, experts, and newcomers all pursuing the same exact goal as you and all learning together under one roof. Truly, there is no other opportunity like this in the Michigan real estate investment industry.

The Michigan REIA -- Real Estate Club is the best place to learn how to invest in the local real estate market. The Club meets on the second Tuesday of every month, and all are welcome to join. We also provide a wealth of learning resources and information via our website, including up to date investment news, discussion boards, an event calendar, a mailing list, and much more. You can check us out on our Meetup page at We are always happy to see both new and familiar faces.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Real Estate Investor Host:  Mark Maupin
Phone 248-752-0800
Questions & Answers  4-6 pm
Main Real Estate Speaker 6-8 pm

Event Date:
Third Thursday each Month
Event Start Time:
4:00 PM
Event End Time:
8:00 PM